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Emma Sprints Race Report

Undeterred by miserable conditions and other colleges’ poor costumes, our novice mens' braveheart-themed first boat stormed ahead yesterday to an auspicious finish.

The crew was quick to destroy Christ’s in the first round leaving the boys facing Trinity in a grudge match to end all grudge matches. Calm and collected (after a tasteful amount of flashing and bad Scottish accents) they were ready to go. Yet, for these warriors, winning begins before the race begins and in an elaborate display worthy of William Wallace himself, we caught a crab rowing up to the start to lure them into a false sense of security. The tactic worked perfectly, for the all-too-English-looking Trinity quickly raced ahead of our half-naked Homerton highlanders but this was soon to change. Halfway down the reach Trinity were thrown into disarray by Homerton’s steadfast refusal to lose to a better, faster and fully-dressed crew, bringing all eight to a stop. It’s safe to say they were too enthralled and frightened watching us – perhaps even a tad aroused. At this point the guys came screaming through and, with one last freedom call, managed to win by half a length. Just as we’d planned.

On to the semi-finals where against Jesus we lost by a couple of inches after owning the river for what seemed like the entire race. However, with the very pride and character of the boat in question, Homerton was not going without a fight. In the fight for third place they pulled ahead and won by a boat length. Ever modest, however, the crew were willing to give some charity crabs so the margin wasn't too painful for the other boat.

All in all a solid performance resonating with a new found determination within HCBC men to avenge the defeats of last year.

Jack Struthers
Lower Boats Captain 2014/15
(Well, one of the two LBC's anyway. Don't want the other jack to feel left out)

AMAZING Queens Ergs Results

On the 11th of November 2014, HCBC arrived at Queens’ College to contend for the first prizes of the year. For most, this was their first competitive rowing event and nerves were aplenty as we set up camp in Queens’ JCR and waited our turns for our respective 500m sprints.

First up were NW1. Appropriately face painted, NW1 started the evening off with an impressive showing, finishing 7th in their heat, posting a time of 1:59.1. The girls waited hopefully for the following heats but sadly it was not to be and they did not make it through to the final.

Then the turn of NM1. NM1 showed true Homerton spirit, fighting to achieve an average overall split of 1:34.8 and fourth position in their heat. An antagonising wait followed whilst the other heats progressed, only to result in the missing out on a slot in the final by 0.2s. A gallant first showing from the men in blue and white, leaving me wondering what else they could achieve this term.

Next it was the turn of NM2 to apply the pressure. Due to availability issues, NM2 received a couple of fortunate substitutes in the form of a 4th year body builder and an NM1 sub. The result was devastating, with NM2 smashing their heat with an average split of 1:36.2, with the speediest being 1:25.0.

The last showing of the evening was from the Mixed Senior crew, posting a 1:39.7 and finishing 8th from 14 boat clubs. Personally it was brilliant taking the last leg of this particular race and facing the tunnel of noise in the dying moments - support that I look forward to welcoming for the rest of the year to come! I’d like to thank the Women’s Captain, Charlotte Edgerley, and the LBCs, Alice Huntley, Jack Struthers and Jack Hugo for their organisation of crews for the event and their encouragement for all of the novice rowers involved!

Chris Goodfellow
Men’s Captain 2014/15

Queens Ergs 2014

This is the first competition of the year open for all Novices to represent Homerton in a 500m relay! (See that's why your captains in their infinite wisdom have been subjecting you to pain on those ergs) There will be hundreds of other rowers from all the College Boat clubs with scores projected onto massive screens and hordes of screaming supporters plus prizes for the winning teams.


Whole College Circuit Training

HCBC is proud to announce that we will now be opening up our Circuit Training Exercise Classes up to all members of Homerton College for FREE.

These will be held in the Homerton Dance Studio from 6-7pm every Thursday.
Check out the details in the Facebook event below.


All Colleges Boatie Bar Crawl 26th Oct

This is THE night in the boatie social calendar for the first half of Michaelmas! Most college boat clubs will be out in Cambridge on 26th October engaging in terrific amounts of boatie chat and awesome drinks deals. All participants receive a T-Shirt and free entry into the clubs so its the best chance to socialise with peoples from other colleges.

T-shirts are £5 and can be got from Roz and they include FREE ENTRY into Lolas along with special drinks deals all night long. There's no limit on numbers but let us know ASAP so we can order the correct number of T-Shirts


New HCBC President

The HCBC Committee is pleased to welcome Oliver Rubens into the position as President on our committee with a unanimous vote at the committee meeting last week. Oli has taken on from Adam Marsh who had been the president for eight years. Oli has over ten years of rowing experience, including a captaincy at HCBC during his undergraduate. He currently coaches at Cambridge University Lightweights and rows for City so we look forward to his involvement with the club.

The role of the President is to provide a longer term outlook for the boat club and the President usually stays for a number of years, overseeing many committees where students fill the positions typically for a single year at a time.

Newnham Novice Swap

We have a swap with the lovely Newnham Girls on Sunday 19th October at Bangkok City specifically for people who are joining the respective boat clubs this year. Guys only to this event however we have a swap for the girls with Queens in the planning (Probably also on 19th) so don't worry!

Email Roz (Social Secretary) to let her know you want to come as there are limited places!

Meet in the Porters Lodge at 8pm


First Circuits Session

Cardio and core exercise session open to all members and prospective members of the Boat Club. These will be held every Thursday evening at 6pm in the Homerton Dance Studio. Those who attend circuits will be given priority for any HCBC Socials and Circuits will become mandatory for racing crews later in the year.


Taster Day

Thanks to everyone who has come down to the Boathouse for our Taster day, it was great to see so many people. We will be getting in touch with all of you very soon about arranging the next outings and getting you into the larger eight person boats.

If anyone didn't manage to make it today but is still interested in having a go please contact one of our captains and we will arrange a different time with you.

Contact The Captains 2014

Men's CaptainChris
Women's CaptainCharlotte
Men’s Lower Boat CaptainsJack Struthers and Jack
Women's Lower Boat CaptainAlice