FaT Boathouse

The Cambridge Colleges training waters are a 10km stretch of the river Cam from between Jesus Lock and Bates Bite Lock with many tight corners and some long reaches which make racing conditions significantly different to those that you may find on much larger rivers such as the Thames. For a map of the river please visit the CUCBC Website

The best way of reaching the Boathouse from Homerton is by Bike as shown on the map below however you can actually cycle down Kimberley Road for the last little bit, its a short cut that Google doesn’t know exists. Homerton shares a Boathouse with Trinity First and Third.

If you cycle down to the rivers edge and face the front of the building then the main stairs are just on the left side of the building (which you cannot see in the photo). If the door isn’t open then knock and someone will come to meet you. There are also some bike racks on that side of the building.