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May Bumps 2015

Congratulations to all the crews who raced this week with an extra special well done to W1 and M3 who earned their Blades!! It was a tense week with M1 struggling to stay afloat (pun intended) at the beginning of the campaign before bouncing back to bump St Eddies back down and whether W1 would be able to keep up their winning streak to gain the glory of Blades.

M3 completely wiped the floor with their competition with bump after bump well before First Post Corner (I hear they even managed a bump within eight strokes one day...) and M2 put in a solid effort but was denied the bump on the second day, eventually walking away happy with a up three result.

May Bumps 2015 Results

CrewDivisionRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Aggregate Change
HCBC M1M2-1-10+1-1
HCBC M2M4+10+1+1+3
HCBC M3M5+1+1+1+1+4
HCBC W1W2+1+1+1+1+4

Petaluma – The New Men’s First Eight

Homerton College Boat Club has celebrated the launch of the first new boat for three years with a ceremony by the Cam, during the May Bumps.

Petaluma’s maiden voyage was rowed by the Men’s First Eight who successfully ‘bumped’ on the final day, having held off a chasing crew laden with University-level rowers the previous day.

The College and the Homerton Union of Students contributed to the cost, and HCBC raised funds from donors through a 24-hour sponsored row on indoor rowing machines, live-streamed on the web. It was hoped to raise enough to purchase a second-hand boat to replace the aging Lady Hilary, but in the end, thanks to a tremendous donation from David and Lyan Huntley, it was possible to purchase a brand new Janousek boat.

David Huntley said, “I’m a rower myself, and I was moved by the students’ efforts to raise funds – all-night sponsored ergs included. But I thought: they shouldn’t be doing all this for a second-hand boat. Homerton deserves a new boat”.

David and Lyan are parents of Alice, a current Homertonian rower in the Women’s First Eight. Petaluma is named after the Huntleys’ home town in California.

Philip Stephenson, Fellow of the College and Senior Treasurer of HCBC, said “the Club is hugely grateful to David and Lyan for this brilliant gift. Petaluma is a superb boat and a worthy replacement for Lady Hilary - we look forward to many victories in her!”

Petaluma-3 Petaluma-2

Own a piece of HCBC History

Thanks to the generous donations from alumni and other sources, HCBC has been able to purchase a new Janousek for the mens first crew, as such, the much loved Hilary has been retired after many years of service. We are in talks with the college to have her bow hung in the college bar and we would like to offer members of the HCBC Alumni the opportunity to own a piece of Hilary, a piece of HCBC history. We know that an exceptionally large number of rowers over the years have had the pleasure of rowing, bumping and earning blades in Hilary so this would be a unique chance to take home a very sentimental memento of their rowing career. Final details are yet to be discussed but there may be the potential to fashion items of furniture from the sections - Sam Farmer intends to turn his into a delightful coffee table if he gets a piece!

Depending on levels of interest we intend to hold some form of auction in the near future for seat sections of Hilary. Please could any alumni who would consider taking part or finding out more information email with your name and seat position(s) that you would be interested in before the 1st June 2015.

We've also had quite a bit of interest for smaller pieces of Hilary. We should be able to offer everyone that’s interested a piece and arrange shipping for you once we have worked out a price but please email me before the deadline to ensure a piece is reserved for you (no commitment to buy at this moment in time!)

Emma Sprints Race Report

Undeterred by miserable conditions and other colleges’ poor costumes, our novice mens' braveheart-themed first boat stormed ahead yesterday to an auspicious finish.

The crew was quick to destroy Christ’s in the first round leaving the boys facing Trinity in a grudge match to end all grudge matches. Calm and collected (after a tasteful amount of flashing and bad Scottish accents) they were ready to go. Yet, for these warriors, winning begins before the race begins and in an elaborate display worthy of William Wallace himself, we caught a crab rowing up to the start to lure them into a false sense of security. The tactic worked perfectly, for the all-too-English-looking Trinity quickly raced ahead of our half-naked Homerton highlanders but this was soon to change. Halfway down the reach Trinity were thrown into disarray by Homerton’s steadfast refusal to lose to a better, faster and fully-dressed crew, bringing all eight to a stop. It’s safe to say they were too enthralled and frightened watching us – perhaps even a tad aroused. At this point the guys came screaming through and, with one last freedom call, managed to win by half a length. Just as we’d planned.

On to the semi-finals where against Jesus we lost by a couple of inches after owning the river for what seemed like the entire race. However, with the very pride and character of the boat in question, Homerton was not going without a fight. In the fight for third place they pulled ahead and won by a boat length. Ever modest, however, the crew were willing to give some charity crabs so the margin wasn't too painful for the other boat.

All in all a solid performance resonating with a new found determination within HCBC men to avenge the defeats of last year.

Jack Struthers
Lower Boats Captain 2014/15
(Well, one of the two LBC's anyway. Don't want the other jack to feel left out)

AMAZING Queens Ergs Results

On the 11th of November 2014, HCBC arrived at Queens’ College to contend for the first prizes of the year. For most, this was their first competitive rowing event and nerves were aplenty as we set up camp in Queens’ JCR and waited our turns for our respective 500m sprints.

First up were NW1. Appropriately face painted, NW1 started the evening off with an impressive showing, finishing 7th in their heat, posting a time of 1:59.1. The girls waited hopefully for the following heats but sadly it was not to be and they did not make it through to the final.

Then the turn of NM1. NM1 showed true Homerton spirit, fighting to achieve an average overall split of 1:34.8 and fourth position in their heat. An antagonising wait followed whilst the other heats progressed, only to result in the missing out on a slot in the final by 0.2s. A gallant first showing from the men in blue and white, leaving me wondering what else they could achieve this term.

Next it was the turn of NM2 to apply the pressure. Due to availability issues, NM2 received a couple of fortunate substitutes in the form of a 4th year body builder and an NM1 sub. The result was devastating, with NM2 smashing their heat with an average split of 1:36.2, with the speediest being 1:25.0.

The last showing of the evening was from the Mixed Senior crew, posting a 1:39.7 and finishing 8th from 14 boat clubs. Personally it was brilliant taking the last leg of this particular race and facing the tunnel of noise in the dying moments - support that I look forward to welcoming for the rest of the year to come! I’d like to thank the Women’s Captain, Charlotte Edgerley, and the LBCs, Alice Huntley, Jack Struthers and Jack Hugo for their organisation of crews for the event and their encouragement for all of the novice rowers involved!

Chris Goodfellow
Men’s Captain 2014/15