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Homerton College Boat Club (or HCBC as it is often abbreviated) is the rowing club for members of Homerton College, University of Cambridge and was founded in 1978. The HCBC colours are navy blue with white trim, although for racing the Men’s First Boat usually wears zephyrs that are white with blue trim and the Lower Boats wear blue with white trim. In 2013 red piping was added to the design of the rowing onesies as shown in the image below. It is traditional to wear a sock of each of the boat club’s colours when racing with a blue sock on the foot opposite the rigger. HCBC share the First and Third Trinity Boat Club’s boathouse and has its boats racked there.

Homerton College Boat Club first competed in the women’s Lent and May Bumps in 1978, four years after the women’s Bumps divisions commenced in the Mays, and two years after women’s racing began in the Lents. For the first ten years the Homerton Women’s First boat was consistently in the top half of the first division reaching fifth in Mays in 1985 and second in Lents in 1986.

There were many Homerton women represented in CUWBC, Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club, in the 1980s and 1990s, under the guidance of veteran GB coaches Roger Silk and Ron Needs. A notable fact is that one HCBC Women’s crew won their oars in the eighties whilst being coached by Steve Redgrave, although the exact details are currently unknown.

The Long Reach
The Long Reach of the River Cam

In 1976 Homerton College became a mixed college when it was admitted as an ‘Approved Society’ into the University but it wasn’t until 1981 when the Homerton men entered a boat into May Bumps and then again in 1984. The men did not start rowing regularly until 1991 and have worked their way up the divisions going from bottom division to division three in only ten years.

The Homerton First VIII also hold the title of the most successful Bumps campaign (either Mays, Lents, or Torpids/Eights for Oxford) in Oxbridge history, advancing thirteen places in 2001 consisting of two bumps and two over bumps. Again from 2007 the First Boat turned in consistently good performances in the twice-yearly bumping races gaining four sets of blades (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012) in six years cumulating in them entering Division One in 2012.

May Bumps 2012 saw a few landmarks for the club, with M1 going up four places and definitively breaking into Division 1. M2 also went up a division, and up four places. Homerton College Boat Club also saw its first ever Men’s 3rd VIII (M3) which rowed the getting on race and subsequently flew up 6 places in Division Six, overbumping Girton and winning their blades. Mays 2012 saw HCBC as winners of the Pegasus Cup, awarded to the most successful College boat club of May Bumps annually by the Milton Brewery.

University Colours

2014Mike Thorp (Blue Boat)2011Anna Beare (Lightweight - won)2011Chris Bellamy (Pres)2005Sam Farmer
2013Henry Fieldman (Blue Boat)2004Rachael Hanley (Blondie)2009Chris Bellamy (won)2002Devin-Paul O'Brien
2013Mike Thorp (Goldie)2004Catherine Sutherland (Blondie)2005Che Meakins (Granta)1994Pippa Taylor
2012Mike Thorp (Blue Boat - won)2002Ulrike Münch-Klever (Spare)2005Richard Harrington (Spare)
2011Mike Thorp (Blue Boat)2001Hannah Cadman (Lightweights)2002Dave Pearce (Spare)
2010Mike Thorp (Goldie - won)2001Ruth Pidgeon (cox - Trial 8s)1992Fiona Pritchard (Cox)
2000Dan McSherry (Goldie)1999Adrienne Ferguson (Lightweight)
1999Dan McSherry (Goldie)1999Emma Wylie (Lightweight)
1998Dan McSherry (spare)1998Emma Wylie (Lightweight)
1997Suzie K. Ellis (cox, Goldie - won)1996J Harkins (Blondie)
1996Anne Rowland (Blondie)
1996Emma Wilkinson (Blondie)
1995Siobhan McKenna
1994Anne Rowland
1993Rachel Crew (Blondie)
1993Emma Wright (Blondie)
1992Jenny Wagstaff (Blondie)
1992Rachel Crew (Blondie)
1992Francesca Chalmers (Blondie)
1991Francesca Chalmers